Life Insurance West Virginia

Life Insurance: When You Need It, When You Don’t

Many have a habit of imagining the worst case scenario. Hiking in the wilderness, envisioning a pack of starving wolves, bloodthirsty eyes, asking yourself, “Which limb would they eat first? Probably my left foot.” As this drama plays out, you watch your family mourn your death at your (closed casket) funeral. “WHAT WILL THEY DO WITHOUT ME?!?!?”


Those artistically able will produce this nightmare into a blockbuster film. The profits of which will be able to keep your family safely financed for years to come.


For the rest of you who want to keep your family protected, even after your death, there’s Life Insurance. But with so many types of policies out there, it’s hard to know When You Need It and When You Don’t.


Your Dependents

Let’s start with your dependents. Who is dependent on you for survival? Does that sound extreme? It is. Many of us have dependents whose lives would be far worse off without us. By capturing a life insurance policy before it’s too late, those you’ve protected and helped in life with remain protected and helped after your passing.


These policies can cover your debts, lost future contributions (e.g. wages for full time worker policy, or child care/housekeeping/tutoring for a stay at home parent policy), or large future expenses (e.g. funeral costs, college for the kids, time off work for partner to grieve).


In the case of Jo and Don Miller, Jo works 45 hours a week and Don stays at home with their two children, Oscar and Maya. They’ve each decided to take out a life insurance policy so that in the event of a death, their family will be able to maintain their lifestyle. Losing a partner and parent is bellowing. Losing the house shortly after… Not evening fitting for your worst enemies.


If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Buy It

Many insurance agents will try to sell and sell and sell. Call for a life insurance quote, they’ll try to sell you a policy for your goldfish. Yeager Insurance has your best interests in mind, so we want you to know which policies the other companies may try to sell you that you don’t need!


Child Life Insurance: We’ve all seen that ads on TV. For a few “pennies a day” we could buy a $10,000 (or more) policy on our child. Unless your child is a large source of income for your family — a high paid actor starring in the hit motion picture “I Was Eaten By Wolves Without Life Insurance” — they don’t need much coverage. Child death rates in the US are extremely low. It’s best to have coverage in the event the unthinkable happens, but it’s cheaper to add them to your own policy. Also, if you don’t have enough Life Insurance coverage for yourself or your spouse, you’re better off adding to your own policy before buying coverage for your child.


Guaranteed Issue Policies: Guaranteed Issue Policies will grant life insurance regardless of health or other serious factors. They cover without a medical exam. Even if you are worried about cost and coverage, check with Yeager Insurance before jumping on one of these “sounds too good to be true” offers. We may be able to cover you, even with preexisting health conditions, at a cheaper rate.


Final Expense Insurance: Elders who want to make sure their death expenses are covered. By these overpriced policies for ease. Before jumping on these offers, see us at Yeager Insurance and see if we can get you a better policy, cheaper.


Call Yeager Insurance today at 304-797-3900 and we’ll help find the perfect Life Insurance policy in Charleston, Hurricane, Nitro, Teays Valley, and nearby WV cities.


West Virginia Metal Industry Employees

Protecting Your Employee’s In the WV Metal Industry

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin


You need a good insurance company backing you for the times all hell breaks loose. For the moments that nothing could have been done to prevent. Though we have found many companies don’t instill proper Preparation techniques and thus have more mishaps than their competitors who do. Yeager Insurance wants to make sure you have all the information to best Prepare and Protect yourself in the Metal Industry. Making sure you aren’t “preparing to fail.”


Employee’s Health and Safety


Not only do you want to ensure your employee’s safety and health for moral and reputative standards, but their health and safety will also reduce your Worker’s Comp payouts as well as keep you line fully staffed.


Enforce use of protective gear. Gloves, glasses, helmets, masks, proper shoeware, etc… are imperative to the safety of your staff. This base protection will be the last layer of preventative before harm hits.


Continuing training and safety education will also keep your staff current with standards of care. Encourage management to keep an eye out for any infractions regarding safety concerns or questionable activity.


Keep a Clean House


Dust exposure is the leading cause of pneumoconiosis (dusty lung). While your employees should be wearing masks to prevent dust exposure, keeping a clean house can further prevent risks.


  • Proper ventilation
  • Quarantining the source of the dust
  • Properly removing containers that include dust as well as must and dusty materials


Maintain these measures and keep a documented process for maintenance.


Reduce Product Recall Expense Exposure


Product testing as well as a quality control/assurance program will help reduce product defects. Ensure your product is high quality before releasing it. Consider obtaining ISO certification (such as ISO 9000) to further protect yourself.


Equipment Maintenance


Don’t let maintenance fall to the waist side. Make sure your machines are up to code and consistently working well, before they break down completely and you are left with scrap metal and a huge bill. A formal maintenance program will keep the standards of care higher and thus prevent any malfunctions that may injure your workers and the machines themselves.


Call Yeager Insurance today at 304-797-3900 and let our agency help you make sure your metal business is covered.