Farm Equipment Safety Tips for Your WV Farm

Accidents are preventable and prevention starts with you. Below are four farm equipment safety tips for your farm.


Clean Up


When you use a combine, it is a good idea to clean up any fuel you might have spilled before you turn on the engine. It is also important to use a pressure washer to wash away oil as well as any other debris from the combine because when grease stays on this type of machinery too long it can cause fires. After you finish using the machine, clean the combine to decrease the likelihood of leftover crops.


Check For Problems


Problems can pop up quickly, so you should check your combine, tractor, and other farm vehicles to ensure you do not need to fix anything. The parts that you need to check are the tires, suspension system, road signals, vehicle lights including headlights, hydraulic lift cylinders and reflectors on the outside of the vehicle.


Repair Any Problems


Checking your vehicle is the first part of preventing accidents but fixing those problems is the second part. Your suspension system, the connections for your trailer’s brakes, hydraulic lift cylinders and parking break need immediate repair. You also need to fix worn belts and bearings to prevent a fire.


Stay Alert


When you are working on your truck or operating it, you need to stay alert to stay safe. When you drive your truck, make sure you keep a good distance from other vehicles. Trucks need more time to stop, move between lanes, and steer. You also need to take caution when you fill trucks because it can become dangerous if the truck’s load is too large. The load needs to comply with the weight requirement for the Gross Vehicle Weight, which drivers can find inside the door of the driver’s side.


The ground should be level or the truck may tip. Other ways you can avoid tipping is to not dump when it is windy, make sure the load is not off balance, and if you use a trailer, do not jack knife it.


In addition to these tips, you should stay away from power lines when you are driving a dump trailer or truck. When power lines come in contact with the vehicle, it can electrocute the driver.


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What is an Umbrella Policy and Why Do I Need One?

Have you heard of an umbrella policy?


You can gain extra peace of mind with an umbrella policy. What an umbrella policy does is provide you with extra liability protection.


This can be a very important insurance policy to have, because it will cover you for liability beyond the limits of any personal insurance policies you may have, such as auto and home.


It’s more common than you may think to be sued for car accidents and accidents that happen in your home and on your property. Many people are shocked to find they are being sued for a million dollars or more due to events that they may not even be directly responsible for.


Consider some situations that may lead to being sued beyond the limits of any insurance policies you may have:


  • You’re at fault in a car accident. The legally mandated state minimum for auto insurance that you have is not enough in liability coverage to pay for extensive car repairs or replacement for the other driver, as well as the medical bills of any occupants.


  • You make a right turn in your car, not even seeing the pedestrian that suffers severe and disabling injuries.


  • Your next door neighbor’s child is playing ball in the yard next to yours. A chain link fence separates the two yards. The ball goes over your three to four foot fence. The child tries to retrieve it by coming in the entrance, but you have it locked. The child then decides to climb over your spiked fence to retrieve the ball and gets seriously injured. Among the injuries possible are falling while foot stuck in fence and breaking a bone, slicing an arm or leg open, and/or becoming impaled on the spikes.


  • Your neighbor’s child or pet runs onto your unfenced property, unaware that you are trying to trap a nuisance animal and gets seriously injured.


  • You have a fenced in yard and even a sign that says beware of dog, but a door-to-door frozen meat salesmen or a child selling cookies ignores it and gets mauled by your dog.


  • You’re hosting an after dark party and your neighbor takes the shortcut to her home when it’s time to leave. The shortcut just happens to be on the dark side of your house through some privacy trees, and steps into a huge unexpected hole in your yard, breaking her leg.


  • You didn’t have your icy sidewalk cleared and someone slips and falls.


Does your policy cover you for $800,000 if someone slips and falls on your sidewalk or $3,000,000 to cover the pedestrian?


In addition to providing liability coverage for when you’ve reached your home and auto limit, an umbrella policy can also protect you in other ways. For instance, if there is a fire in your home and your homeowners policy doesn’t cover the massive quantity of product marketing merchandise you have stored in your garage for your client, an umbrella policy may cover your liability.


Umbrella policies can also provide liability coverage for your boat and rental properties, as well as cover loss assessments.


Contact Yeager Insurance at 304-757-5964 to protect yourself financially from liability beyond what your home and auto coverage limits. Ask us about an umbrella policy today!