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Check The Fireplace Before The Stockings Are Hung

When leaves are falling, our thoughts drift towards the fireplace. But before you fire up the gas logs, schedule an annual house call with an HVAC professional. Annual inspections and cleaning will extend the life of your fireplace, minimizing costly repairs due to unseen problems. Here are some things to check before holiday decorating. In order to […]

Top 10 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips [Time Sensitive-Holidays]

Holiday Shopping Safety With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to get too distracted to practice everyday safety measures. But it’s so important to do everything you can to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings safe from harm. Here are our Top 10 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips. Be wary of strangers […]

Driving Safety Tips for the Beginning of Fall

Driving Tips (Safety) The end of summer and the beginning of fall; a time that always seems to come much too quickly. A time when parents send their kids off to school, and college campuses fill up within weeks. All of the excitement, moving, and traveling brings with it much busier roads, especially around highways […]

3 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance may not be the most fun thing to think about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Instead of ignoring the necessity of life insurance, it’s best to be proactive about making sure your family and assets are protected. Here are three major reasons you need life insurance: To Ensure Your Family Is Provided […]

Three Reasons Your Small, Family-Owned Enterprise Needs Business Insurance

Business Insurance Owning and operating a business comes with a great deal of responsibility, however, the rewards can be extraordinary. Entrepreneurs work hard to bring their ideas to fruition, and they must protect their investments to assure they continue to grow and prosper.Business insurance helps small business owners protect against damage and losses to property and […]

Do You Have a Student Going to College? Revisit Your Insurance Needs!

If you have a student going to college (http://yeagerinsurance.net) this fall, then you may be feeling understandably nervous and maybe even a little emotional–especially if this will be your child’s first year. However, as the start of the fall semester approaches, now is also an important time to revisit your insurance needs and make sure […]

Safety Tips: Keeping Your Teens Safe When they Play Pokemon Go Home Safety Tips

With millions of people taking part in the Pokemon Go phenomenon, and the game being especially popular among teenagers, it’s likely your own teens have already downloaded the game and started collecting Pokemon. Playing Pokemon Go can actually be great for teenagers since it encourages them to spend time outside, get exercise, and socialize in healthy ways. […]

Farm Equipment Safety Tips for Your WV Farm

Accidents are preventable and prevention starts with you. Below are four farm equipment safety tips for your farm.   Clean Up   When you use a combine, it is a good idea to clean up any fuel you might have spilled before you turn on the engine. It is also important to use a pressure […]

What is an Umbrella Policy and Why Do I Need One?

Have you heard of an umbrella policy?   You can gain extra peace of mind with an umbrella policy. What an umbrella policy does is provide you with extra liability protection.   This can be a very important insurance policy to have, because it will cover you for liability beyond the limits of any personal […]