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Tips for the Thanksgiving Traveler

While we are thankful for a lot of things like having our loving family around us, a roof above our heads and food on our table, one of the things that’s definitely not on our list is the traffic rush we experience during the Thanksgiving holidays. It’s always a busy season for travelers, but there […]

Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy!

The risk of catching a cold or going down with the flu grows rapidly as the weather turns colder this season, and whether you’re an office employee or a full-time homemaker, if you’re someone who absolutely cannot afford to be sick, it is your responsibility to keep your body healthy and fit all the time. […]

Four Steps To Breast Cancer Prevention

Besides lung cancer, breast cancer has become the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. Though the mortality rate for breast cancer has been decreasing since the 1990’s because of advancements in treatments, early detection and increased awareness, the numbers are still jarring. Just last year, an estimated 39,970 deaths (both male and female) were […]

Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Fire may be one of the most significant and functional discoveries known to mankind, but it is also one of the most destructive. Just last year, the National Fire Protection Association has recorded up to 370,000 home structure fires that were responded to by various US fire departments. These fires have resulted into thousands of […]

Motorcycle Safety

You’re no kid and that’s no 10-speed. To stay safe, you need complete command of your machine and the best safety gear you can get. We also have some helpful tips to keep in mind as you’re heading for the highway. Be Prepared and Protected New Gear? Update Your Policy You have to make sure […]

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