Top 10 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips [Time Sensitive-Holidays]

Blog-Top-10-Holiday-Shopping-Safety-Tips-[Time-Sensitive-Holidays]Holiday Shopping Safety

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to get too distracted to practice everyday safety measures. But it’s so important to do everything you can to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings safe from harm. Here are our Top 10 Holiday Shopping Safety Tips.

  1. Be wary of strangers approaching you for no apparent reason. Thieves sometimes work in teams — one distracts you while the other steals your purse or packages.
  2. Ensure kids know what to do if they get separated from you, which includes knowing how to identify mall security guards. Never allow kids to visit the restroom alone or to make their own way back to the car.
  3. Have your keys out and ready before going to your car. Always look around the car and into your backseat before getting in. Never put your purse on the hood of the car while you load the car.
  4. Never leave your car running, no matter how short a stop is. Always roll up the car windows, lock the doors, and set your alarm.
  5. Shop with a buddy whenever possible. If you have to shop alone, try to walk close to a group or stay in sight of a large crowd.
  6. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when walking to and from your car. Avoid texting or overloading yourself with bags so that you will not be distracted.
  7. Take small valuable items in with you at your next stop. Hide larger presents and bags under seats or in the trunk.
  8. The holidays are prime time for pickpockets and purse snatchers. Women should wear a cross-body purse. Men should put their wallets in a front pocket or an inside coat pocket (preferably one that zips or buttons).
  9. Try to shop only in the daytime if possible. If it’s dark, park in areas of the lot that are well-lit. Never park in an isolated area of the lot, whether it’s day or night.
  10. Watch out for distracted shoppers backing out of parking spaces whether you are driving or walking. Same goes for looking out for pedestrians — especially over-excited, darting children — when backing out of a spce or driving around looking for one.

4 Easy DIY Holiday Decorating Ideas


Decorating your home for the holidays can take a toll on your energy, bank account, and time constraints. Many home owners don’t consider do-it-yourself tasks to be  cost-effective and time-saving solutions, but there are a wide variety of simple, quick, and inexpensive decorating projectsavailable to easily add some holiday cheer to your home.

1. Wreaths

This colorful candy cane wreath is a simple way to satisfy your holiday decor cravings for just pennies on the dollar. To achieve this look arrange 18 full-sized candy canes in a heart pattern and hot-glue a glittery snowflake ornament in the middle where they all intersect, then hang from a thick solid red ribbon.

2. Ornaments

Wooden sled ornaments are so easy, cheap, family-friendly, and infinitely customizable you will want to hang them on your tree from top to bottom. These little pieces of sweet holiday nostalgia are made with popsicle sticks, glue, paint, and twine.

3. Advent Calendars

Daily advent calendars work double-duty as both a charming piece of holiday decor, and a fun activity to count down the days until the happiest day of the year. They don’t have to be elaborate and costly to add character. Consider this little advent house constructed of toilet paper rolls and cardboard. Eco-friendly and whimsical, simply fill with tiny treasures and enjoy.

4. Luminaries

All you need for this 5 minute DIY are glass jars, cranberries, seasonal greenery, and votive candles. You can upcycle old jam or condiment jars, mason jars, or decorative jars for a little extra pizzaz. Put some winter greenery clippings from your yard in the jar with some cranberries, fill with water to submerge them, then pop a votive candle on top. These luminaries will look festive on any holiday tabletop or mantle.

Tree Damage

Are your trees in trouble?  Check the trees in your yard before the next storm threatens your property.  See our infographic for danger signs to look for.




What’s the best way to prune your trees?  Watch Barbara Arnold, Horticultural Program Coordinator for the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio in this short video:




Driving Safety Tips for the Winter



Winter will soon be upon us. With it comes cold weather, frost, snow, and ice, and the driving hazards they present. Here are some driving safety tips to help keep you safe on the road.

  • Take your car to an inspection. Before the winter, you want to make sure that there is nothing faulty with your vehicle. Take it to an auto repair facility to make sure that the brakes, belts, tires, battery, exhaust system, wipers, and everything else are in perfect working condition.
  • Keep a winter survival kit in your car. This should include things such as a snow shovel, an ice scraper, salt, warm gear and gloves, some basic medical supplies, and some food and water.
  • Watch the weather forecasts. Whenever planning a long-term drive, make sure to keep up with the weather updates, either via the radio, a smartphone app, or via the internet. Make sure that the weather will be conducive for driving.
  • Wipe the snow off your car’s mirrors, windshield, lights, hood, front, trunk, and reflectors before you drive.
  • Don’t use cruise control in snowy or icy conditions — you want to be in full control of your vehicle.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half-full — this way, if you get stranded, you will have a source of heat.
  • Always drive with your cell phone, and make sure that it is sufficiently charged. Keep your local AAA’s number in the contacts.

By using these tips and precautions, you will be safer and happier on the road during the winter.

Driving Tips (Safety): Creating An Emergency Car Kit


As the seasonal crisp starts to cool the air, drivers begin planning overdue road trips to games and family events. While no one wants to think of something going wrong on the road side, the possibility always exists. Prepare before you leave by creating an Emergency Car Kit so that nothing catches you off guard while you are on the road.

Comfort Must Haves

Choose a small plastic tote to hold your kit items in. Something that is easily accessible but will not take up a lot of precious cargo space. The majority of your kit should include things to keep you and your passengers warm and safe during an unexpected event.

The items you want to include are a small first aid kit, extra blankets (make sure you have one for every person in the car), small snacks (nothing with chocolate so it doesn’t melt), and water for everyone. Thanks to modern technology your wait shouldn’t be long, but you want everyone to stay calm and comfortable.

Breakdown Kit Components

Along with the creature components, you should include some basic emergency repair items in your kit. They should include flares, a jack, a spare tire, a small tools kit, a flashlight, and a head lamp. If possible, a tarp would be good too.

Special Note for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycles don’t have a lot of storage room, but riders can and should make a small kit. They can include a poncho, emergency blanket (check the camping section), flares, and small tools. Adjust your kit depending on your destination and the weather you will be traveling in. If the weather is severe you may want to look into other forms of transportation.

Enjoy your plans this season without worrying about what might happen. Relax and know that if the unexpected does happen, you are prepared.


Driving Safety Tips for the Beginning of Fall

Driving Tips (Safety)

Blog-Driving-Safety-Tips-for-the-Beginning-of-Fall-picThe end of summer and the beginning of fall; a time that always seems to come much too quickly. A time when parents send their kids off to school, and college campuses fill up within weeks. All of the excitement, moving, and traveling brings with it much busier roads, especially around highways and colleges.

Although it may seem obvious to some, vehicle safety during these times is extremely important. Motor vehicle accidents are still, unfortunately, featured on the news almost daily. Ready to become independent and go off on their own for the first time, kids may scoff at learning vehicle safety tips, but it is highly advised that parents teach their children at least the most basic safety information.

Here are several driving tips to help have an easy transition from summer to fall.

Put away the cell phone

Hopefully this one is obvious by now. But, even though there is cell phone safety laws in several states, it still seems to be an issue. Make sure any driver, or even yourself, has a firm grasp on how dangerous it is to drive while using a cell phone. If worst comes to worst, the best thing to do is to pull over if there is a text or a phone call that needs to be answered. Taking a few minutes to pull over might waste some time, but it will help to avoid serious accidents.

Avoid driving with too many people in the car

Having too many people in the vehicle is just as risky as driving with a cell phone. Too many passengers can be distracting to the driver, even if they aren’t trying to be. When more than two people are in the car, make sure to focus closely only on the road.

Make sure the vehicle is in good shape

If you or a loved one is going to be using a vehicle more during the fall, make sure to get a maintenance check up. Double check that the mirrors are working properly, the tires are filled, and the brakes aren’t worn. These small maintenance checks can sometimes go overlooked if the car seems to be running fine, but it doesn’t hurt to be 100% sure.

Even if some of these tips have been heard before, it is imperative to have a firm understanding of them before hitting the road this fall. This is an incredibly beautiful and exciting time of year. Having this safety information in your back pocket will ensure that summer’s transition into fall stays that way.

3 Reasons You Need Life Insurance


Life insurance may not be the most fun thing to think about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Instead of ignoring the necessity of life insurance, it’s best to be proactive about making sure your family and assets are protected. Here are three major reasons you need life insurance:

To Ensure Your Family Is Provided For

With a solid life insurance policy, you will know that your spouse and children will be financially provided for if the unthinkable happens. Even if your spouse works and has a good income, life insurance would allow them to take significant time off to deal with their grief as well as manage the practical details involved with an unexpected death. Life insurance will also help ensure your kids and significant other maintain the financial quality of life they would have if you were still alive.

To Avoid Debt

A life insurance policy also offers assurance that your family won’t have be burdened by any unpaid debts you leave behind, or go into debt due to the high cost of funeral expenses. Your spouse will be able to manage their expenses after your death without resorting to credit cards or loans.

To Gain Peace of Mind

While not a tangible benefit, the peace of mind you and your family gain from life insurance can be immense. Instead of losing sleep at night due to anxiety over what would become of your family if something happened to you, you will be able to rest easy knowing you have done the responsible thing by purchasing a life insurance policy.

At Yeager Insurance, we are always ready to help you and your family navigate life insurance and anything else insurance-related. Be sure to check out our blog for more helpful tips.

Three Reasons Your Small, Family-Owned Enterprise Needs Business Insurance

Business Insurance-revBusiness Insurance

Owning and operating a business comes with a great deal of responsibility, however, the rewards can be extraordinary. Entrepreneurs work hard to bring their ideas to fruition, and they must protect their investments to assure they continue to grow and prosper.Business insurance helps small business owners protect against damage and losses to property and vehicles, as well as helping to insulate against lawsuits.

Protect Your Property

Your business’s building, equipment, fixtures, tools and inventory are all considered assets. As such, they carry a great deal of value in terms of determining the worth of your company. They are also vital to your daily operations, and without them, you’ll be effectively out of business. A property insurance policy not only covers these important assets, it may also protect against equipment breakdowns and other issues, depending upon the specific clauses written into the policy. It’s wise to review your coverage with your agent to be sure that you’re sufficiently covered for property losses and damages on an annual basis.

Business Vehicle Protection

While it may seem easier to use your personal vehicle to run errands and perform other duties for your business, it’s not a great idea. If your business needs access to a vehicle on a regular basis, it is advisable to obtain a business vehicle insurance policy. This type of coverage protects your business against liability arising from an accident involving one of your company vehicles. Business insurance policies of this type can cover one vehicle, or an entire fleet and allows for multiple drivers to be covered at once. Business vehicle policies vary in their coverage, terms and cost.

Protect Against Lawsuits

Working hard to keep everyone safe within your building is not enough, it’s also a wise idea to obtain liability insurance to protect against lawsuits. There are three types of liability insurance available to small businesses; general liability, product liability and professional liability. For most businesses, general liability is adequate, however, those that create products should also consider product liability insurance. Professional liability, such as malpractice insurance for doctors, is used less often by smaller entities.

As a business owner, you have a great deal on your mind every day, and you don’t need anything more to worry about. Take the time to evaluate your business insurance coverage to determine whether you’re adequately protected against loss, damage and litigation. While you may never need to make a claim, you’ll certainly rest easier knowing your business is fully protected and safe.

Safety Tips: Keeping Your Teens Safe When they Play Pokemon Go Home Safety Tips

With millions of people taking part in the Pokemon Go phenomenon, and the game being especially popular among teenagers, it’s likely your own teens have already downloaded the game and started collecting Pokemon. Playing Pokemon Go can actually be great for teenagers since it encourages them to spend time outside, get exercise, and socialize in healthy ways. There are, however, a few safety tips to keep in mind:

Set Boundaries Regarding Where They Are Allowed to Play

If a teen isn’t allowed to wander into a sketchy part of town, go to the park at night, or enter an abandoned building during normal life, they shouldn’t be allowed to do any of these things while playing Pokemon Go either. Teens often respond best to clear, specific boundaries so it may be helpful to sit them down and discuss exactly where they are allowed to play and under what circumstances.

Encourage Them to Play with Friends

One of the best things about Pokemon Go is that it is a social game, with players joining local teams and working together. In addition to being more fun, playing with friends will keep your teens safer since they won’t be wandering around the neighborhood alone. Talk to your teen’s friends too, and remind them that if someone at a Pokemon stop seems suspicious or gives them a bad feeling, that they should come home instead of interacting further or following them anywhere.

Emphasize that Playing While Biking or Driving is NOT Allowed

Believe it or not, some Pokemon Go players have attempted to catch Pokemon while riding bikes or even driving cars. This is just asking for a dangerous, possibly life-threatening accident to happen. Emphasize that being distracted while riding a bike or driving a car is never okay, and that they are to keep their phones put away while biking or driving.

As you can see, it is possible to let your teens enjoy Pokemon Go without sacrificing their safety. For more helpful tips, be sure to keep checking our blog.