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Insurance Policies for Commercial Auto/Trucks

Business owners also need insurance for any cars, trucks or other vehicles that are used in the course of business.  Depending on the specific type of business you operate, you may wish to consider purchasing liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments (also known as personal injury protection) and coverage to compensate for damage caused by uninsured motorists or hit and run drivers.

If your business utilizes vehicles that are used for both personal uses and business uses and the vehicle is owned by the business, be sure that the name of the business is contained within the policy as the “principal insured.”  That will help you to avoid any confusion if you need to file a claim or if a claim is filed against you.

An experienced insurance agent can assist you in determining whether you need a business auto insurance policy.  Be prepared to answer questions regarding how many business vehicles you have, who will drive the vehicle(s) and if any employees will be driving their own personal vehicles for business purposes.

Although they may appear similar, business auto policies are different from personal auto policies in some ways.  Be sure to ask your insurance agent to thoroughly explain all of your options and the differences between these two types of policies.

A personal umbrella liability policy will usually have exclusions for any business-related liability, so be careful to ensure that you have sufficient auto liability coverage.

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