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Keep Your House Safe This Holiday Season

It is that time of year again to enjoy the holidays with decorations, parties, family, and friends. Whether the family is celebrating Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or another tradition, a few safety tips can avoid damage and injuries. If a live Christmas Tree is part of the house decorations, it needs to be watered daily to […]

House Care

Yeager Insurance Wants to Help Their Customers With Home Security

Today, Home Security is at the forefront of the minds of homeowners. Everyone wants to make sure their home and family are protected. Taking the right steps and precautions can help to deter would-be thieves and criminals who want to destroy property. Yeager Insurance is here to help ensure their customers know the steps they […]

Understanding Business Insurance

Understanding Business Insurance

The majority of businesses carry some form of insurance policy, but not all business owners realize that there are several forms of coverage they should have. Most stick with liability insurance without considering Fidelity insurance policies. In reality, though, both these common policies and other types of less common Business insurance such as interruption insurance, […]

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