A More In-Depth Overview of What It’s Like to Work with a Local Independent Insurance Agent in Putnam County, West Virginia

If you are looking for an insurance agency in West Virginia, many insurance providers insure their clients with homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and more. The first place to begin your search is with an independent insurance agency.

An independent insurance agency sells coverage from several different insurance providers. As such, you are going to have a wide variety of companies to choose from, increasing the chances of you ending up with the right insurance policy for you.

In our last article, we discussed the basic overview of what it is like to work with a local independent insurance agent in Putnam County, West Virginia. Now we’d like to go more in-depth on what we do here at Yeager Insurance and Financial Services to provide our customers with the best customer care, giving them the peace of mind that insurance should provide its policyholders.

As agents, we have nothing to gain by attempting to push you in the direction of one specific policy. You can be sure that you will receive high-quality advice, based on your needs and requirements, rather than us attempting to push you in the direction of one policy.

So, how does an independent insurance provider like Yeager Insurance go about supplying their clients with this high-level service? An independent insurance provider will offer several different policies. Like us, they represent many insurance businesses, selling products that most appropriately fit the budgets of their clients.

Independent insurance agents must have extensive knowledge in their field and continuously train to ensure that they understand the complexities of insurance law and market. Their level of experience enables them to provide recommendations to their clients based on insurance coverage and the amounts of insurance for their particular concerns.

Usually, independent insurance agents will work with insurance intermediaries. These intermediaries will get quotes from their list of providers and pass along the information to the independent agency. Afterward, independent agents are then able to review as many quotes as they can so that their clients end up with the best selection of policy options.

Further, an independent insurance agency is an independent contractor for the insurance firms that they represent. An independent agent owns and controls their renewals, policy records, and accounts. If an independent agency’s contract with a particular insurance firm is terminated, the insurance agent has the right to active accounts and could have the option to place them with a different insurance provider.

Local Insurance Agents That You Can Trust

Located in the heart of Teays Valley, West Virginia, you will find Yeager Insurance and Financial Services. As a family-owned, local business, we are here to help you with any insurance questions and requirements you may have.

What makes us different from other insurance agencies? Well, we’re very much customer-focused. We know that all of our customers have various concerns depending on their situation when it comes to obtaining insurance. We are proud to be a fully independent firm, serving our neighbors and friends. Contact us today for more information.