Keep Your House Safe This Holiday Season

It is that time of year again to enjoy the holidays with decorations, parties, family, and friends. Whether the family is celebrating Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, or another tradition, a few safety tips can avoid damage and injuries. If a live Christmas Tree is part of the house decorations, it needs to be watered daily to prevent the tree from drying out. Turning off the lights when not home or at night time will drastically reduce the risk of the tree catching fire.

People traveling this holiday season will want to be as inconspicuous as possible because thieves look for empty houses. Get a programmable switch for the lights so they will be timed to go on and off as if people were home. Stop the mail so letters and packages do not accumulate on the porch or between the front doors. That is a sure sign that people are traveling and are not at home. Ask a trusted neighbor to look out for anything suspicious and provide a phone number in case contact is needed.

Another way to Keep your house safe is to have a conversation with every family member regarding not posting travel plans on social media pages. One announcement on Facebook or Twitter is akin to a sign on the front lawn that says no one will be home for days. Share excitement within the family instead on a global forum where everyone can read the details.

Most people are completely unaware that gifts stolen from a vehicle are not usually covered under automobile insurance. The loss may be covered under homeowner’s insurance but will be subject to the deductible. Do not leave gifts in the car, even locked in the trunk, for an extended period of time. Sneak them into the garage if they cannot go directly into the house. Be sure to lock the garage doors.

Insuring Valuables
Once the holidays are over, make an appointment to visit the experienced insurance agents at Yeager Insurance and Financial Services for two reasons. The first is to review all policies to see if any changes in coverage is appropriate. The second is to insure any valuable gifts received over the past month. A diamond necklace, a new car, upgraded equipment for the media room, or a collectible should be insured for the full value as soon as possible.