Safe Driving Can Provide Savings on Car Insurance

Updated: 02/27/2020

Car insurance can be expensive. There are factors that lead to a higher price that cannot be changed, such as the age of the person driving. However, there are car insurance savings available for those who make sure they have a clean driving record. This can help an individual save as much money as possible on their insurance. Anyone can work on getting a clean record for their insurance, even if they’ve been in an accident or had a ticket in the past.

What Happens After a Ticket or Accident

Insurance companies in West Virginia use an algorithm to determine how much someone’s insurance should cost. If the person is in a car accident, especially one that was their fault, or if they received a ticket, their car insurance rates will go up. More tickets or accidents in a short period of time can mean the insurance rate goes up significantly. However, these issues only stay on the driver’s record for a period of time. After a car accident or a ticket, given enough time, the person can have a clean record again and can see a drop in the cost of their car insurance.

Time Needed to Clear Record

The time needed for the record to clear can vary. Most of the time, an accident or ticket will no longer be applied to the record for insurance purposes after six months to a year. Once the time period expires, the insurance company doesn’t count the accident or ticket in their algorithm, which means it doesn’t count against the driver anymore. At this point, the driver can see a decrease in the amount they’ll need to pay for their car insurance. Drivers can speak with their insurance company to learn more about how long it might take for their record to be cleared.

Help Getting a Clean Record

There are many ways for someone to save on car insurance, but having a clean record is likely the best way to see the largest savings. Someone who has an accident or ticket on their record, however, might want to take a defensive driving course. This course teaches them to be a better driver by teaching them how to avoid accidents and drive safely. Many insurance companies will offer a discount just for taking this course. On top of that, those who take this course are less likely to get in an accident in the future, so they can keep accidents off their record long enough to have a clean record and reduce their insurance rates again.

Even if you have a ticket or an accident on your record, there are savings on car insurance available to you. After some time, these issues can be removed from your record so you have a clean driving record once again and can save even more on your car insurance. If you’re shopping for car insurance and worried that a past accident or ticket could make you pay more, contact Yeager Insurance for help today.