Let’s talk about Yeager Insurance and Financial Services’s… Financial Services. Watch the videos below to get a feel for how we work here at Yeager Insurance and what we can do to help you with your unique situation.

What can I expect when I reach out to Yeager Insurance about their financial services?

Who will handle my financial services at Yeager Insurance?

How does Yeager Insurance take care of their customers?

When people either come in or speak to me over the phone, they can anticipate some pretty broad questions. Just things that you’re going to know. It’s really not that hard, and then with some good information, you can go home and make a decision – come back. I’m not going to push anything on you. We’re gonna make a few recommendations. Once evaluated, I’ll never push you. If it’s something that you feel comfortable with and fits your risk tolerance, then we’ll work together.

In Yeager Insurance and Financial Services, I’m the only one license to take care of these customers, and, so each customer meets with me individually. Typically the meeting doesn’t take too long, and we can do some of it over the phone. Especially the way today’s times are. We don’t have to sit right in front of each other. Some of it can be done over the phone. A good bit of it can. Just so long as I can get a feel for your goals, where you’re wanting to go, and I can try to help you direct and how to get there. I personally for our customers here any type of rollovers, retirement, planning, or tools to get to that point, and custom built strategies for each individual customer.

Here at Insurance and Financial Services. We try to take a holistic approach to looking at every client. We listen, we learn, and we try to get to know our folks. From protecting every asset that you can possibly think of to help grow their retirements, perform any type of rollovers they may need, any type of life insurance. So the financial services and Yeager Insurance and. Financial Services is just another tool that we use to completely take care of our customers.

How do you do business with your customers, especially with COVID-19?

How should I prepare my finances for 2021 and how can Yeager Insurance help?

I think the way business is going to be done is changing. Some folks will be comfortable coming in sitting down with me – we can mask up, socially distance, or we can sit here. Its up to the customer with me. However, I think the way business is done is going to change a lot going forward, and I think that people are going to become better at communicating over the phone and over Zoom meetings. Yeager Insurance will be open. The doors will be open; you’ll be welcome to come here anytime you want. However, we want everyone to have options. So, we’re going to provide that ability as well.

I think the thoughts for 2021 and going forward. Even for the fourth quarter of this year really haven’t changed from what they always should have been. It’s stability, consistency, continuing to work toward a goal. Whatever your goal is. You can’t time the market. There’s there’s very few people that have the ability to get in and get out perfectly all the time. So, I don’t think the strategy is going to change. I think that you’re going to have to have time in the market. I think that you and I have to base anything that you get into off of your risk tolerance and off of the homework that you’re able to do and the information provided. We have seen how a pandemic or the shutdown of our government can shut down our money and take years and years to come back from. The times are uncertain, but the goal and the strategy has to remain the same. Your goals are the same, I’m sure. So, the strategy needs to remain steady and within your risk tolerance. Don’t jump outside the lines. Those that go against what their own risk tolerance is are not going to end up being happy. So I think keep a steady course and trying to not time the market and using time in the market, so to speak, is going too far outweigh any knee-jerk reactions. Yeager Insurance and financial services is a good choice for not only your insurance needs your life insurance needs, but for your future needs. I am small enough to care about everyone I contact with and big enough and enough contacts to take care of it. Personalized treatment, the ability to call your agent / broker on his cell phone any time you need him, that means something to folks. I think if you take time with folks who sit down with them and find out what what they truly want you listen to tell you. That’s the only way to do business here. As I said before, they way we do business is going to change. People will always be welcome to stop in here and meet with me anytime just call the office 304 757 3900 And I’ll set a time to come see you or call down and or email Glenn@YeagerInsurance.net any of our social media outlets get a hold of me and say hey I either want to come in or hey, I’d like to I’d like to meet via Zoom or on the telephone or whatever you’re comfortable with. The main thing is to get a hold of me. Let me know when you have time and I’ll make the time.